A New Eyecare Blog!

For everyone who's been following Arthur's story, I wanted to point you towards a new resource that I created for parents in our same situation. PFV Kids Blog is a parent-run blog sharing multiple personal accounts of families discovering, understanding, and battling with PHPV or PFV-- One of Arthur's eye conditions that stands for Persistent Fetal Vasculature. If you'd like a quick layman's explanation of PFV, check out the bottom of our discovery post here.

Since I've found this passion in advocating for Arthur and future families like us, I realized that the topic didn't fully line up with personal blog here at Homemade Hometown. I'll still update here and there, but for more in depth and informative eyecare posts, I'll direct you to PFV Kids Blog!

On top of PFV Kids Blog, I've been sharing Arthur's story on the For Little Eyes website, which is a larger, more general resource website for families with kids in glasses. Either of these websites provide great information if you've bounced over to Homemade Hometown to check on Arthur or our latest progress.

I am so touched by the outpouring of support, similar stories, and encouragement from friends, family, and new internet friends from the various Facebook support groups. Thank you!

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