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Summer of 2018 has been crazy, but that seems to be the trend of each season since having kids. I've really let Homemade Hometown fall to the wayside-- thank you for sticking around!

A quick update: We're moving! Within a few weeks time we found a house and made the decision to move, which is super easy with 3 kids under 4. Ha! I've been slowly working kinks out with My Magic Eye, the children's book I am writing. PFV Kids Blog has been gaining a great following and community around PHPV and the pediatric eyecare community. And I took on the role of Social Media Coordinator at Madison Mom's Blog.

Have you heard of the City Mom's Blog Network? It's incredible and aligns flawlessly with my passion for community and supporting other moms! I recommend you check if there is one in your area-- awesome events for kiddos and moms alike plus endless local resources.

My hands are in so many pots. Which made me feel a little disingenuous here at Homemade Hometown. I'm disconnected to running a craft/DIY blog. I just haven't made the time to do many projects besides birthday parties and a spare craft here and there. I'm realizing that there is so much more that I want to talk about and explore! The only logical step [that feels like the right decision in my gut] is to expand Homemade Hometown to encompass it all.

Homemade Hometown is not just a craft blog anymore!

Things that you might notice changing [in process]:

  •  A full writing portfolio in the About Me section
  •  A services for hire section, detailing setup costs and administration for blogs and small business websites, content creation, small business marketing plans and analysis
  •  Opening the door into more of our lives. I felt adamant on wanting to leave a lot of details on my children out of the blog, but I'm finding myself balancing this thin line and it feels like time to dive in to sharing more with my friends and readers
  •  In relation to opening that door, I'll be sure to keep Arthur and PFV posts here for the readers who follow our journey in Arthur's eyecare (along with PFV Kids Blog)
  •  Still the same DIY projects, crafts, and parties
  •  Whatever else pops out of this Pandora's Box I'm opening ;)

Thanks again for sticking around and following along!

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