The Author

Kyla is the founder of Homemade Hometown, and the creative mastermind behind it all. Contributing to a growing number of blogs and publications, writing has been a calling of hers since she was little-- writing her own short stories and manuscripts as a kid and growing in to her high school's Center-spread Editor. As an adult, writing is both an outlet and a passion in between home-making and her other creative hobbies.

Kyla graduated from the University of Milwaukee in Wisconsin with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She is lucky to have married the best man in the world and together they're raising a family of crazy boys. You can find them in the country of rural Wisconsin  restoring and renovating their over-a-hundred-year-old home.

Growing up with an artistic and creative mother helped shape Kyla's love of crafting and making. Card-making, calligraphy, and scrapbooking speak to her soul. You can read more about why cards mean more to her here.

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Homemade Hometown

Homemade Hometown came to fruition as a way to tie together and showcase craft projects, cards available for purchase, home renovations, and building up the local community.

All about making your own hometown with your own two hands. 

Hand-making and heart-felt ideas fall in trend with the slow-down, show-gratitude pace that holds dear to many people lately. Homemade Hometown is here to show you new and old ideas to bring to your home and let you see what's going on in ours.

Writing Portfolio

If you would like to be featured as a guest author or have any collaboration questions, please e-mail Kyla@HomemadeHometown.com